Its objective is to encourage attitudes and actions in the community that seek to improve the problems generated by the proper management of solid waste, through processes of separation at the source, recycling and dissemination campaigns on the schedules and frequencies of collection, sweeping and other services provided by the company, in order to generate a sense of ownership and belonging to the public space, as well as citizen participation in activities that promote a cleaner environment for the city of Neiva. Projects and activities are developed to facilitate the dissemination of information, awareness, training and education of residents, merchants and the educational community, among others, in all matters related to the proper management of solid waste.


Education Centers

Seeks to create, disseminate and execute the ECOLOGICAL SEEDS contest, which will award the best project presented by public and private schools in Neiva, Caguán and Fortalecillas; projects oriented to the implementation of creative and practical alternatives for the good management of solid waste generated by the institutions, taking into account the effectiveness of their proposal to reduce pollution generated by poorly disposed solid waste and to conceive real productive alternatives for the use of recoverable materials within and around the educational institutions.


Promotes the culture of sanitation in residential sectors and informing the inhabitants of Neiva, the characteristics of the service, the duties and rights they have as users.

Residential complexes

Implements strategies to raise awareness among users of residential complexes, condominiums, shopping malls, companies, institutions or similar in the city about the proper presentation of waste, seeking to reduce problems that affect the proper provision of the service.


Identify, with the support of the operational area, commercial sectors that present indiscipline in the presentation of waste in order to be able to intervene and generate behavioral changes in waste management in order to improve the sector's appearance.

Critical Points

Identify the critical points established in the PGIRS in order to be able to manage them in a joint effort with the operational area, which seeks to contribute to the improvement of the municipality's image by using communication strategies to raise awareness among users regarding proper waste management.


Raise awareness among pet owners about their responsibility in the management of excreta, in order to reduce pollution problems in green areas and public spaces.

Social management

It allows interaction with the community living around the "Los Angeles" landfill, to strengthen relations with the company, encourage community participation and generate training processes in Environmental Education processes.